Pinewood Derby 2015 Results

Derby Winners

The winners in the Derby are ALL Scouts. It looked like a fantastic time, and all the Scouts Did Their Best. John and I were proud of every single scout and their cars, and they should be too.

Grand Final Winners

Winners' cars will be on display all year in a case at Norm's Place, to be admired by all. Justin Walsh of Norm's Place has generously donated a free meal to the winners any time they come, for the entire year!

Design Awards

The judges did a fantastic job! They were:

  • Roger Lind, VG 4th grade teacher emeritus, Scout Dad, Eagle Scout - Foreman
  • Steve Simpkins, Danville Chief of Police
  • Justin Walsh, Owner Norm's Place

Scouting / Patriotic / Military

Racing / Cars / Sports

Funny / Creative

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