Day Camp

Day Camp

US Grant District | East Fork Lake State Park | June 11th - 15th

Intro to Day Camp

  • You are welcome and encouraged to participate individually. We will not be signing up as a Pack
  • This is a great alternative (or addition to) to Resident Camp. You drop the boys off each day, pick them up each afternoon.
  • There are 7 Districts in the Dan Beard Council. Each of them offer Day Camps. Visit for a full list of Day Camps offered throughout the Council area.
  • There are 13 Day and Twilight Camps in 2012.
  • Below, we will focus on the US Grant District Day Camp since it is nearby.

Cost For US Grant Day Camp

  • $85 for Early Registration - $100 Otherwise
  • Early registration ends May 11th

General Information about this Camp

  • June 11th - June 15th
  • Dropoff at 8:30am - Pickup at 3:30pm
  • Over 20 activities offered and most go toward Rank Advancement and Beltloop requirements.
  • Eastfork lake offers prime lakefront areas that most districts don't have. Fishing and Swimming are a highlight but many more activities await for the five days
  • The them is "Nights of the Roundtable" which is a carry-over from the Fall Cub-O-Ree that 10 of our Scouts attended in October 2011.

Parent Action Items

  • Register individually
  • Visit for details about this camp and other Day camps

For detailed information, registration, contact information, and more please visit